3 Motorcycle Dream Road Trips


If you are planning a motorcycle trip, and cannot decide where to go, here are three road trips in the U.S. that pack beautiful scenery, twisting roads, and tons of fun under the sun.

The Arkansas Dragon Hwy 123

This is a short ride starting at the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 123. Starting in the small town of Lurton, Arkansas, north of Russelville, head northeast on Highway 123 to the small town of Mt. Judea. The road is smooth and has so many switchbacks that trucks are not allowed on it.

The scenery is superb, just don't get into an accident trying to look at it. This would be a relatively short trip. You could finish it in just a few hours.

Twisty Redwood Ride

If you find yourself in California wanting a a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride, then this one is for you. Start on the Junction of Highway 101 and Highway 1 in Leggett, California. Head west to Hardy, California, then continue on Highway 1 down the coast to Fort Bragg. From there, take Highway 20 back to East Highway 101. This triangular road trip will take you past some of the most awe-inspiring redwoods, mountains, and creeks you will ever see. 

If you enjoy large, leafy trees with the sun's rays penetrating through the branches, take this scenic road trip. You will not be disappointed—the California coast is something every biker needs to do at least once. Keep in mind, however, that there are very few places to stop for food or lodging along the way, so take what you need with you. The trip will last approximately four hours, so make sure rain is not in the forecast that day.

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Tour

This road trip winds from Panguitch, Utah, eastbound on Route 12 to Torrey, Utah. On the way you'll see red cliffs, plateaus, and canyons galore. You'll first ride through Bryce Canyon, boasting unique and breathtaking amphitheaters of hoodoos, natural geological formations made from years of weathering on the rock. 

Then, as you ride farther east, you will see the Grand Staircase in Escalante as well as the Dixie National Forest. Capitol Reef National Park, which is full of stunning views of canyons, is close to Torrey, where you can dine and get lodging. The trip takes about a day, depending on whether you stop for hikes or taking pictures (and you will want to).

Whether you roam through a national park or along the twisty coastline, you are sure to enjoy what nature has to offer you. Prepare for you road trip by visiting a cycle shop, like Carl's Cycle Sales, for all the gear you need. 


2 March 2015

Exploring Aerodynamic Equipment Used On Motor Sports Vehicles

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