Tips For Buying New Motocross Boots


Motocross is an exciting sport that's filled with thrills and spills. However, it has the potential to be dangerous, especially if you don't wear the proper protective equipment. Whether you ride for fun or competition, you need a good pair of boots to protect your feet, ankles, and shins. Here's what you need to know about picking the right motocross boots.

Designed For Biking

Motocross boots have steel toes and other protective features just like high-end work boots, but they also have advantages you don't get from other boots. For that reason, you want to buy boots made specifically for motocross. Some features you want to look for include steel toes, shin guards, and padding that absorbs shock while you're riding. The boots should also have good arch support for comfort while you're walking around. In addition, you should consider how the boots fasten. Boots that shut with clasps or buckles provide great support and protection while being easy to put on and remove.

Advanced Designs

As a beginner, you may find economical motocross boots will suit you just fine. However, if you like to enter races, you may want more technologically advanced boots that will give you a competitive edge. Of course, the more advanced boots cost a lot more too. You'll find boots available across a wide range of prices, so you can find a pair that fits your budget and offers the advantages you need. Some advantages of advanced designs include those that limit ankle hyperextension, anatomically contoured soles, molded shin plates, and leather construction. These enhancements increase comfort, so the boots don't interfere with your performance. In addition, they support your ankles and feet to keep them steady as you're jarred around on your bike.

Breaking In

No matter what type of boots you buy, you want to break them in before you use them to ride. Walk in them until they are comfortable and you don't experience problems with slipping or rubbing. Be patient and allow enough time for your feet and boots to adjust before you use them to ride in competitions.

Getting a comfortable fit in motocross boots can be challenging since they are made of stiff materials that don't have a lot of give in them. Buying the right size is important, but big name brands often vary in the way they size their boots. You may need to buy a size larger than your usual shoe size, but the only way to ensure a good fit is to try the boots on. Once you find a good brand that fits well, you may want to stick with the brand, so you don't have to go through the sizing process all over every time you buy new boots.

When you're shopping for motocross boots, it's a good idea to stick with the biggest brands in the sport. That way you know you'll buy boots designed to improve your performance. You may have to pay more for quality boots, but it's worth it when you're serious about motocross. Visit a reputable supply store, such as Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply, to ensure you find boots that meet your needs.


3 April 2015

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