Four Reasons To Find A Mechanic Who Specializes In Foreign Cars


You may not have ever considered taking your foreign car to a specialist, or to anyone other than the dealer for service. If you usually use your local auto repair shop, you've probably been told that it can be challenging to work on European and Asian car brands. This is even truer for high-performance or vintage models that require specialized experience and expertise. However, you don't need to limit yourself to a dealer's service department for the quality or to the garage on the corner for the price. It's very likely that there is a repair shop that understands your brand and is also very affordable. Here are some reasons to find a mechanic who specializes in foreign cars.


Many foreign auto mechanics developed their expertise directly from the source: foreign car makers. Some have transitioned their experience with building these cars on assembly lines into diagnosing and repairing them. Others are mechanics who later decided to specialize and enrolled in manufacturer's factory training courses. In both cases, they have worked on these brands from the ground up and know every aspect of these vehicles including their design, quality standards and everything under the hood. Some mechanics have worked so closely with manufacturers that they have more experience with the brand than the dealer's mechanics.  

Parts and Tools

Even if you are a competent mechanic and do many of your own repairs, parts for some older models of foreign brands are notoriously difficult to find. Regular parts stores and foreign car dealers keep basic parts in their inventories, but many times they have to source them from Europe or Asia.

Mechanics that specialize in foreign car repairs, like those at CIM Motorsports and other locations, usually have connections with suppliers and have access to parts as well as to brand-specific tools. Additionally, they are usually fully equipped with metric tools and calibration equipment that can be hard to find in American auto parts stores. Whether you simply want to keep your car running or are working on a car show restoration, a foreign auto mechanic can be one of your best friends in the hunt for rare, vintage or early model foreign car parts.


Foreign car dealers' service departments charge top dollar for basic maintenance and repairs. A mechanic with his or her own shop is usually a more economical option for major repairs like engine or transmission overhauls. They can also be more convenient since there are fewer dealers, especially outside of highly populated areas.

Passion for the Brand

Whether it's the brand's reputation for luxury, performance or precision engineering, mechanics that specialize in foreign brands do it because they have the same enthusiasm for these cars as you do. They love working on these cars and appreciate their superior performance. Most importantly, they understand why you love the brand and why you are so loyal to a foreign car maker.

If you are considering making the switch to a foreign car or are buying a classic foreign car as a project or an investment, finding someone to do certain repairs will be difficult. However, if you establish a relationship with a great mechanic who loves your foreign car, you'll be ahead of the game. You'll save money, get expert service and have someone to talk to about your favorite brand.  


23 December 2015

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