Three Important Maintenance Requirements To Prolong The Life Of Your Motorcycle


A motorcycle can be a pricey investment and doesn't just stop with the initial sale of the bike. You also have to pay for maintenance, equipment, and more when you choose to own a bike. To ensure that your investment last as long as possible, you want to stay up to date on any maintenance your bike requires. This includes oil changes, tightening spokes, lubing cables, and much more. By getting to know the mechanics of your motorcycle and sticking to a routine maintenance plan, you can ensure that your bike lasts you many years, and you can continue to get the best value out of your bike. Here are four ways you can enhance your motorcycle's performance and increase it longevity. 

Carburetor Maintenance

Your carburetor on your bike is a crucial part of the bike's performance. It requires maintenance from time to time, especially if you allow the bike to sit for a while. If you choose not to ride your bike for a while, then you can expect the gas to evaporate and leave a sticky residue in the tank. To avoid this, you can turn off your fuel petcock. You will need to drain the fuel and replace it so that your carburetor runs smoothly again. Once in a while, you may want to add a fuel additive to the fuel in order to get the most out of your bike. Check the bottle for how much you should add so you don't mistake the amount needed for a larger engine. 

Cable Cleaning

Your cables are another important part of getting the most out of your bike. When you wash your bike, you run the risk of getting dirt and water inside the cables. This can affect the performance of your bike. To help retrieve the dirt and water, you want to unhook the cables from the carburetor and then flush them out with a contact cleaner. Afterward, you want to flush it with a lubricant. This should be done every time you change the oil. You can also check the tension on the cable and adjust as needed per the owner's manual. This is done by adjusting the bolt located near the left hand grip. 

Chains and Belts

On average, you can expect your motorcycle chains to last between 15,000 and 25,000 miles. Your chains should be both lubricated and have the right amount of tension to ensure the most performance from your bike. Your motorcycle chain can be cleaned using kerosene. During the cleaning process of your chain, you want to check the belt for any cracks or tears in it. If you find any, you want to replace it immediately before you get back on the bike. Once the chains have been cleaned, you can then lubricate it to ensure it runs smoothly again. 


16 June 2016

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