Customize The Pre-Owned Motorcycle That You Recently Purchased


If you recently purchased a pre-owned motorcycle and would like to customize the bike so that it showcases your personality when you decide to trek across town, the following tips will help you upgrade the bike with some basic accessories:

Add Vinyl Decals Or Fresh Paint

Vinyl decals or glossy paint will draw attention to your motorcycle and provide the bike with a newer appearance. If you choose to apply decals, clean the motorcycle's exterior with a soft sponge and detergent. Afterward, rinse the bike off with water and wait for the bike's body to dry. Purchase decals that depict an animal, symbol, or person and press the sticky side of each one against various parts of the motorcycle's body.

If you choose to apply paint to parts of the bike's chrome, wash the motorcycle and cover parts of the bike that you do not want exposed to paint. Use a spray gun to apply glossy paint to the bike's gas tank, undercarriage, or any other part of the motorcycle that you would like to enhance. 

Purchase A Personalized Cover 

If the bike's seat cover is worn or has a dull appearance, you can instantly transform the seat and add a layer of cushioning to it by purchasing a personalized cover. A cover that is monogrammed or that depicts a unique character can be secured over the current cover by wrapping the elasticized edging of the cover's fabric around the base of the bike's seat. If you choose to purchase a cover that is constructed of leather or suede, occasionally use a buffing mitt to apply conditioning cream to the fabric to protect the cover from cracking.

Add A Nameplate And Buy Clothing To Match

A nameplate that is secured to the front of your motorcycle will make others aware of your arrival as you cruise into a parking lot. After using a screwdriver or drill to attach a nameplate to your motorcycle's frame, consider purchasing some clothing that will match the new addition to your bike.

If the nameplate has your name scrawled across it in a fancy font, purchase a motorcycle jacket that has your name stitched on the back of it with the same type of script. A helmet that has your name airbrushed on it is another idea that will help others recognize you as you are moving down the road on your new ride. 

Contact a pre-owned motorcycles dealer for more information and assistance. 


27 September 2017

Exploring Aerodynamic Equipment Used On Motor Sports Vehicles

Hello, I'm Eve Ibanda. Welcome to my site about aerodynamics. Motor sports vehicles have a ton of components that control the way air flows over the vehicle. Without controlling airflow, the vehicle would be slowed down by the all of that frontal pressure. As a result, cars often feature air dams, spoilers and body curves that control the air. In fact, vehicle manufacturers place their creations in wind tunnels to check out well the parts and vehicles respond to the rushing air. I would like to explore the benefits of each type of aerodynamic equipment. I will also discuss the different vehicles that use these items to perform well on the track. Thanks for visiting my website.