Ways To Use Your New Side By Side For Tree Work


A lot of people buy side by sides strictly to use for recreational activities. The idea of following a rugged trail through a hill area or zipping across sand dunes can definitely be appealing. However, there are people who buy side by sides exclusively for work, given the numerous advantages that this vehicle can offer. If you're someone who does tree work — even on his or her own property — a side by side can be effective. In addition to allowing you to get to specific areas of your property quickly and easily, as well as carry all of the gear that you need, here are some ways that you'll be able to use this vehicle.

Pulling Down Trees

If you have a rural lot, you'll sometimes come across trees that have partially fallen over due to rot and/or wind. These situations are highly dangerous, because the tree will be unstable. It's dangerous to work around a partially fallen tree, but you certainly can't leave it this way, either. One solution is to use the winch on your side by side. You can attach the cable to the trunk of the tree, move the side by side to a safe distance away, and then pull the tree the rest of the way to the ground so that you can cut it up safely.

Carrying Firewood

If you're the type of person who cuts down trees in your lot and turns them into firewood, it's ideal to do this cutting in the woods. The problem that you'll then face, however, is getting the freshly cut firewood to the house where you can stack it so that it dries. When you shop for a side by side, choose one that has a good amount of storage space behind the cockpit. You'll be able to load this space up with logs and transport them to where you wish to stack them with considerable ease.

Dragging Logs

Sometimes, you may want to get a large log out of the bush without cutting it up. Maybe you have plans to sell the log in its entirety to a local woodworker, or perhaps you have other plans for it. Given that a log can easily weigh several hundred pounds, this isn't a job that is always easy. Fortunately, things get simpler when you have a side by side. You can hook up your winch cable to the log and drag it out of the bush and to a place that you want to store it.

If you're ready to get a side by side to help with your work, contact a local side x side dealer


10 September 2019

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