3 Things To Inquire About Before Having Your Motorcycle Repaired


Is your motorcycle in need of repairs? Unless you are a mechanic who has direct experience working on motorcycles, you should probably let an expert technician do the repair legwork for you. Here are a few important questions that should be asked before the repair process actually begins:

Is Alternative Transportation Available?

If your motorcycle is your only mode of transportation, you may be wondering how you will get around while it is being repaired. You could ask friends or family to give you rides when necessary, or you could figure out how to make use of the public bus system. Alternatively, you could try riding a bicycle where you need to go.

But before considering any of these options, ask the repair facility you will be working with whether they offer any alternative transportation options to take advantage of. They may offer a shuttle service that will get you back and forth to work until your motorcycle is ready to get back on the road. There may also be a loan program that will allow you to rent a motorcycle from them while they complete repairs on your own bike.

Where are the Parts Sourced From?

If your motorcycle needs new parts, it is a good idea to find out where your service provider will source the parts from. Are they coming off other motorcycles that are being parted out onsite, will they be ordered from the manufacturer, or will a third-party vendor be responsible for providing quality parts? You should know exactly where the parts you are paying for are coming from and what kinds of warranties are available for them to ensure that you don't end up having to replace the parts again any time soon.  

Are Time Estimates Offered?

Another question to ask your service provider before they begin repairing your motorcycle is whether any time estimates are offered. Do not just assume that they will start working on your motorcycle as soon as you drop it off and continue to do so until it is ready for you to pick up. Chances are that they have other projects to work on that might take precedent over your motorcycle so you may not get it back as quickly as you expect to.

Asking for a time estimate beforehand will let your service provider know that you are serious about getting your motorcycle back quickly, and they may be willing to make your repair work a priority. At the very least, you will have a realistic timeline to rely on. 

Contact a motorcycle repair service for more information. 


12 November 2020

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