Three Benefits Of A Personal Watercraft's Slim Seat


You'll want to pay plenty of attention to the seat when you're thinking about buying a personal watercraft. While a lot of people will primarily make sure that they choose a seat that offers the capacity they want—for example, choosing a seat that is long enough to accommodate a passenger—there are other details to think about. One thing to note is the width of the seat. Many personal watercraft manufacturers offer slim seats, which are a narrow alternative to a conventional wide seat. Here are three benefits of choosing a personal watercraft that is equipped with a slim seat.

Easy On And Off 

When you visit the watercraft dealership, make a point of getting on and off a model that has a conventional seat and another that has a slim seat. You'll almost certainly find that the latter is easy to get on and off. This is because you don't have to swing your leg nearly as far when you're getting onto the seat. If you sometimes have stiff joints or perhaps have shorter legs, you might find that a conventional seat is a bit of a challenge. You'll be getting on and off your personal watercraft seat countless times in the years ahead, and if a slim seat is easier for you, it's a smart choice.

Comfortable Sitting

A slim seat isn't just ideal when you're in the process of getting on or off it. You'll also find that it's more comfortable to sit on, especially for extended durations. If you're sitting on a wide conventional seat, you may feel as though your legs are stretching more than is comfortable. On a slim seat, you won't feel nearly the same degree of stretch. This will allow you to sit in more comfort, which is ideal because the last thing you want when you're enjoying some time on the water is to be uncomfortable.

Ability To Stand

A lot of personal watercraft enthusiasts favor a slim seat because it gives them the option of standing. Even if you plan to sit for the majority of your riding, it can be fun to stand at times. Standing can also be practical when you're in wavy environments, as your knees can absorb the impacts each time your watercraft bounces over a wave. It can be challenging to spread your legs wide enough to stand over a conventional seat, but easy when you have a slim seat beneath you.

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8 June 2023

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